Customer Benefits

Safety and Reduced Risk Exposure: UAV systems enable operators to be equipped with camera detection systems that produce high-resolution images and transmitters enabling live footage and real time data without putting employees in challenging or unsafe environments

Increased Up-time: UAV systems are an efficient inspection alternative, allowing for surveys and inspections to occur without the need of operational tag-outs or shut-ins. This is accomplished while operating at safe distances while providing immediate data that is visually on point, time stamped and relevant for the processing of timely reporting or repairs.

One Flight, Multiple Missions: UAV systems portability and rapid deployment have the ability to inspect multiple structures and navigate terrain features without the need of additional resources, thus reducing cost and reducing potential downtime.

Business Records: Helios provides customers online access to both recent and past inspections. Customers log into a secure site to see any potential changes over time, and assess risk.